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Marcella never wanted to be anything other than human.

It is 75 years after Nazi experimentation unintentionally created a disease that randomly turns humans in their prime into Fey: Winged, scarred creatures that feed on emotion. Although Marcella always knew transforming was possible, she hoped a lack of interest would dissuade the process from occurring. When it does anyway, Marcella has to find a new purpose in this life that she doesn’t feel she belongs to.

The Dark Queen Selene has never gotten over what humans have done to her. From creating the Fey and then trying to destroy them, the only solution that makes sense to her is hiding her Kingdom away. Seclusion, however, has never been the way of the Light Kingdom. The Light King Kem would rather live blissfully unaware among the humans until a group of his Fey decide that humans should be the ones who are hunted. 

When they join forces with Marcella — who doesn’t seem to quite fit the mold of Light or Dark Fey — the monarchs are forced to question their beliefs and alliances if they want to survive, and Marcella must decide if she’s willing to compromise what’s left of her humanity to change the dynamic between humans and Fey.